Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 3 of the Abs Project, and Orthotics News

I just posted my Week 3 update on my other blog.

My orthotics came in last week. The bad news is that there was some misunderstanding between my wife and our insurance company. Unfortunately, we have to cover the entire cost out-of-pocket, to the tune of over 4 bills. Ouch. The good news is that I may be out of my walking boot this Wednesday (which is my next doctor's appointment), so I'll be able to take advantage of the magical healing powers of the custom orthotics.

Okay, there was some sarcasm there. Who knows, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. It'll still be awhile before I can run, so the only feedback I'll get will be just wearing them around the house and around town.

All for now. I hope everyone's Christmas shopping is going better than mine...considering I haven't started yet!


  1. Good news and bad news.... glad/sorry to hear that. We just purchased some custom orthotics for our one daughter - same for us, $400 out of pocket. OUCH!

  2. Sorry to hear it (there's room in my boat).
    It kind of caught us off guard because I already had them ordered by the time we were informed that whoever told us they'd be, at the very least, partially covered was incorrect. Oh well...I'm hoping it'll be worth it (for me AND your daughter).

  3. Colin - Sorry about the expense. When I'd last researched it my insurance similarly wouldn't cover it (which for me fortunately was optional). With your diagnosis I think your orthotics will be very helpful in your treatment and recovery. Good luck.

  4. I hope the orthotics work wonders for you. Like Mark.U says, I'm sure they'll help you a lot.

  5. Frickkkkk, that really sucks about the insurance. Why can't stuff like that just be straight forward?

    Curious, what ab workouts are you doing?