Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Heel Update, and Week 4 of Abs

After getting the go-ahead from my doc last week to start incorporating light cycling and swimming into my program, I did some light spinning for 20 minutes on a Lifecycle-type machine on Saturday. While there was no pain nor discomfort during the session, my heel ached all day Sunday and yesterday (around the lower Achilles tendon area; where the scar tissue is). Sooo...maybe I'll skip that for now (or try 10 minutes instead). My current workload is insane this week, but once it lets up, I'll give the local pool a try and see how that feels.

This is week 4 of my Abs Project. If you're interested (and need a good chuckle), feel free to give it a look-see here.

Happy running/training/eating holiday goodies!


  1. "Workload is insane" is a good thing, right? Right. Darn it, aching all day Sunday blows. Abs are looking great.

  2. This heel of your's is a real bummer. I can't believe how long you've been struggling with it. I hope it improves from now on.

  3. That REALLY sucks about the heel. But, I remember the same thing with my stress fracture. It hurt a bit after I started to get out there.