Monday, August 10, 2009

Official Race Results Posted

The official results from yesterday's Whisky Dick Triathlon have been posted. Here's the scoop:

Total finishers: 107
Our finish: 2:58:14; 23rd overall; 2 of 5 in Men's Team division
Swim leg (Dave): 24:09; 13 of 107 overall; 2 of 5 in Men's Team div.
Bike leg (me): 1:52:25; 49 of 107 overall; 3 of 5 in Men's Team div.
Run leg (Arthur): 40:26; 8 of 107 overall; 2 of 5 in Men's Team div.
Our transitions: T1 - 44 sec; T2 - 29 sec.

Here were the fastest times for the solo athletes (reminder: 1 mi swim, 28 mi bike, 10k run):
Overall: Ryan Brown (m, 34): 2:27:45
Swim: Alysia Hill (f, 21): 20:59
Bike: Ryan Brown (m, 34): 1:23:13
Run: Nick Johnson (m, 23): 38:53

This morning, I got out for my first run of August. Just an easy 4.5 miler at an 8:41 pace. It felt good to run again. My hams/glutes are still really sore, so I think I just strained them while biking up the hill yesterday. Fortunately, they weren't an issue while running.

I just realized that the Spokane Half Marathon is only two months from tomorrow! I've got my work cut out for me. I'm really looking forward to both training for it and running it, though.

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