Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bike Training is Complete

Did an "easy" 20 mile ride today. "Easy" is in quotes because I can tell I'm right on the edge of overtraining and really need a break. Hopefully I didn't overstep so much that I'll still have dead legs by Sunday. I've got 3 days to rest up before the race. I totaled up my cycling mileage so far this year and here it is: 719 miles on the road, plus the equivalent of 366 on the trainer. Not that much by cycling standards, but a good bit of that was pretty hard training (and...hey...I'm a runner!). Now it's time to sit and wait...then leave it all out on the course on Sunday morning.


  1. Holy're going to hold me to a predicted split?! ;-)
    I've never raced on a bike before, so I probably can't predict too accurately, especially with that 12-mile uphill at the beginning. I'm hoping to break 1:45, which isn't extremely fast, but I just don't know what that hill's going to do to my total pace.