Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beautiful...and COLD...morning run

I started my 10-mile run this morning at 5:50am...wearing shorts and a tank top. Not a big deal normally, but it was 45 fricking degrees this morning! That said, I'm totally sold on the morning runs now (in summer...when it's not raining, anyway). It was beautiful. Blue sky, sun rising over the mountains, mist hovering over the fields and ponds around the Centennial Trail in Snohomish. Hardly any traffic adjacent to the trail. Bunnies every few miles. This is my out-and-back "long run" course (where I often bike), and when I started I wasn't sure if I'd go 8 or 10 miles. Okay, I really knew it would be 10, unless I felt horrible at the 4-mile mark. Fortunately, I didn't. Ran it in 1:21:28 (8:09 pace) with a finishing HR of 139. Time for some stretching, breakfast, then hopefully back out into the sun to enjoy the day. It'll be a perfect day for the Rock N Roll Marathon here in Seattle. Good luck to everyone running in it!

Here's how my training week looked:
Running - 3 runs, 20.5 miles / 2:44:37 (8:01avg)
Bike trainer - 2 rides / 120 min (incl 5 x 3min intervals)
Cycling - 1 ride, 25 miles / 1:31:41 (16.4mph)
Walking - 60 min
Strength training - 60 min

Have a great weekend!


  1. NICE run! I love running in the mornings and the temp of 45 would be the best! I always run in shorts and bra top. People think I'm crazy!

  2. Thanks Gina. Just followed your blog. Congrats on your first marathon recently! That's awesome! I plan on running a half this fall, then my first full marathon next spring. Thanks for stopping by!