Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another (quick) morning run

After a pretty lousy night of sleep (wind noise outside, plus a sore back), I was up again at 5:00. I hopped in my truck and drove to Willis Tucker park to run 5 miles around the 1-mile hilly trail. It was cool and breezy, but felt good. I didn't set out to run progressively faster miles, but that's what happened: 8:01/7:50/7:48/7:46/7:28, for an average pace of 7:47/mile. That's approaching tempo run territory, and it's the first training run this year that I've gone faster than 8-minute pace. I probably pushed too hard, since my finishing heart rate was 152 (over 10 beats faster than normal). I made the mistake of saving my splits and noticed that, after 3 laps, I was getting faster each time and decided to continue that trend. There was something else I was going to write that seemed important to me while I was running, but it's gone now. Ah, those brilliant yet fleeting thoughts that grip us during our runs...oh well. Must not have been THAT important.
I ended up doing my strength training yesterday afternoon. I may do some pushups and call it a day, training-wise.
Train hard & smart!


  1. Been there done that on both parts. Found many times that I run harder than I intended and ended up with negative splits on what I set out to be an easy run.

    The other thing being the fleeting thoughts. My blog would be read by millions and I would be rich if only I remembered those great ideas thought up during runs.

  2. Yes, the old me is trying to rear its ugly face, starting to push my training runs because I've been feeling good lately. In defense, I'm running pretty paltry weekly mileage and alternating with bike rides, so not every run has to be easy, but I can see where this temptation to "see what I can do" could put me right back on the disabled list. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one, but I need to reign it in! Thanks Tim.

  3. Nice. It always feels better to go faster than planed than to go slower than plan. Great Job!