Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week in Review

I've fallen into the pattern of updating my previous week's activities, so I might as well continue that trend.

Here are my cycling numbers:

Rides: 3   (YTD: 47)
Miles: 149.1   (YTD: 1729)
Time: 9:16:30   (YTD: 99.9 hrs)
Elevation: 4692'   (29,106')

Runs: 1  (YTD: 20)
Miles: 2.6   (YTD: 73.9)
Time: 24:37   (YTD: 10.9 hrs)

I also walked 20 miles last week (YTD: 385.4 mi)

I had a very challenging ride last Thursday. The distance (54.9 mi.) wasn't what made it tough, it was the climbing and the wind. There were two significant climbs on this ride, the latter being the toughest climb I've ever done. I rode up Quinimose Rd, then took the turn onto Broken Lance Dr. Both of those roads are steep, mostly out-of-the-saddle climbs. I've also been riding from my house when I ride solo, which means I always finish with a decent climb, since we live on a hill. My goal for August is to climb 20,000'. I honestly don't think I'll achieve that number, but I will climb more than last month, without a doubt. I'm trying to get the climbs in before the Coeur d'Fondo 108 mile ride next month, since that's a very hilly course.

One other quick note, regarding climbing, is that I finally climbed up to the Arbor Crest Winery. It's not long (.8 mi), but it's very steep. It felt good to finally get that climb under my belt.

Speaking of hills, I need to get ready for another hilly ride this morning, so with that, I'll post a few pics from last week's rides:

Turkey family, Riverview Drive

From the top of Broken Lance Dr.

Off of Henry Road, Saltese Flats area.

Arbor Crest!

On the way down from Arbor Crest.

View from road up to Arbor Crest.

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