Saturday, August 1, 2015

PRs in July!

Another month has flown by. Somebody slow this train down! It'll be winter before we know it. Ugh...

Anyhoo, July was a good month for my bike and me. I managed to set PRs in:

Monthly mileage: 591
Total rides: 12
Miles per ride: 49.3
Longest ride: 83.7 mi.
Elevation gain: 11,927'
Most miles/week: 169

The only thing that slacked off a bit was my average pace. I attribute that to more climbing and longer rides.

I only lost 2 lbs. in July, but I was fairly close to my goal weight when the month started. I could probably stand to lose another 5 lbs, but no more than that. I don't have the need or desire to be at my marathon weight. I was too light (and weak) back then (2010).

Yesterday, my long ride (83.7 miles) was cut short due to heat exhaustion. I was only a few miles from home, but had a pretty good climb ahead of me to finish. I was toast, so I called my wife to come rescue me. It was still a PR by 21 miles (and in 95+ degree heat), so I'm not disappointed.

August looks to be another great month on the bike, with more PRs on the way. It's been very hot lately, so I'm looking forward to some cooler days.

Keep moving forward, my friends!

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