Wednesday, May 30, 2012

School Fun Run

I've posted quite a bit about my oldest daughter Natalie. For a change, I have a running-related story about my youngest daughter.

I actually ran a "double" yesterday. For my 2nd run, I ran with Lindsey at her school's Fun Run. They run on a quarter mile dirt track and carry a card that gets marked every time they complete a lap. We completed 8 laps in the time allowed (double what she ran without Dad last year). She did great & enjoyed it. I was glad to be able to run it with her.

It was entertaining to see how 4th graders — especially boys — shot off the line like they were running a sprint. Then, methodically (as planned), my daughter and I stalked them and picked them off one by one. She soundly beat most of the boys in her class. That's my girl!

No, no competitive nature in THIS family ;-)

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