Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another Good Week

I wrapped up another encouraging week of training. I'm not breaking any new ground lately, but I'm happy with the fact that my finicky body seems to be settling into my current training plan quite nicely. Here's what went down:

MON - bike trainer, 50 min. / weights (push workout) / 1 mile "dog jog"
TUE - run 4 miles
WED - weights (pull workout), 1 mile "dog jog"
THU - run 3.1 miles
FRI - freestyle lap swim, 2100 yds.
SAT - run 4 miles (+ possible 2 mi. run w/daughter in the p.m.)
SUN - off

It's not a ton of training, but even with this modest program, some of my fitness is returning. So far I've been able to resist the temptation of increasing the running frequency and duration. Given the low level of pain I've been feeling lately, I'm going to stay the course for the time being.

My next "race" will be on December 3rd when, once again, I will be my daughter's pacer in a local 5k. But come January, I'll begin racing 5k's myself. While I expect slow times initially, I'm excited to push the pace a little. Here's hoping the wheels don't come flying off when I do!


  1. Good job! I guess you gotta give the finicky body what it wants and it will be good to you.

    Hope the 5k training goes well.

  2. Your training seems right on track to me. Great work Colin! Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Yea, yea... I'm fed-up with runners like yourself that run mile after mile with neither injury nor complaint. :-)