Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Northwest Runner Magazine Article

Here's the article I wrote for NW Runner Magazine (click for larger view):


  1. shoot! I chose "A"!

    I agree that desire is very important, but genetics and talent take you to a different level - some people have great hearts but will never make it to a final anything because they don't have the body for it.

    Great article - you should be a writer ;)

  2. Thanks Andrew.
    When I interviewed the coach and witnessed a practice, Amy-Eloise was still out of the country (her family is from the UK), so I missed her. Last week, however, I saw her race in a local meet. She's the real deal. She looks more like a college sophomore than a high school sophomore. Very strong, poised & confident. Perfect build, perfect form. If she stays healthy and continues running, I think she can makes waves internationally in the future. I was impressed!

  3. Colin, congrats. For some reason, I have a feeling this isn't your first published piece of writing. I hate guys like you that are super talented at just about anything they do. From, your average & untalented friend, Chris.

  4. Thanks Chris (I think). Actually, it is my first paid writing assignment...unless you include a syndicated comic strip I did for 5 years (which included writing...poor writing, some would say; it was political).

    We all have talents, my friend. They all manifest themselves differently. Mine are just all in the arts/humanities category, which I guess are more "public". If you're looking for any left-brained talents from me, you'll be terribly disappointed. Although I can keep running statistics like nobody's business...