Sunday, July 4, 2010

June Review

Happy Independence Day! Hope you're having a fun & safe time today.

June came and went quickly, even though I wasn't much of a runner the whole month. Due to my heel injury, I did no running the first three weeks of the month. Thanks to the layoff, plus four weeks of physical therapy and associated exercises, the heel is improved. There is still pain, though, which continues to limiting my running. Since my "comeback" on June 21st, I've not run longer than 6.2 miles. In fact, my longest run since my marathon on May 15th has only been ten miles...and that was my last run before my heel said 'no more' (May 31st).

Numbers-wise, here's how (pathetic) June looked:

Runs: 7
Miles: 24.7
Avg pace: 8:27
Long run: 6.2 mi
Avg. HR: 135

Bike trainer: 5
Total time: 3 hrs 55 min

Cycling outdoors: 1
Miles: 20
Time: 1:09:55
Avg. MPH: 17.2

My total June running mileage is about half an average week during my marathon buildup. Ugh.

I'm running the Run of the Mill 5k next Saturday. Not expecting to put up a great time. I'm using it as a little speedwork heading into Ragnar on July 23/24. Heel willing, I'd like to focus more on speed this month. After Ragnar, I'll switch back to longer, slower runs (with, hopefully some time on hilly trails) in preparation for the Baker Lake 50k. Here's hoping the heel holds up.


  1. Good luck with the 5k. I really hope you can get back into full running soon.

  2. Hey, Colin. I know you like races and competition. I'll have a race with you on whose heel heals faster :-) I hope it's a tie and we both recover soon!

  3. Chris, I did a run this morning which included 4 x 1/2 mile intervals. The heel felt pretty good. Actually has felt good the rest of the day. I'm noticing that hills seem to bother it more than speed.
    Not sure who will win our "race", but like you, I'd hope for a very quick tie!

  4. good lord - 17 mph average over 20 miles? That is awesome.

    hopefully you can get back into it soon.

  5. Hope you are on the mend - be careful - don't push it too hard!

  6. Hi Colin,
    I am hoping your heel issues are getting better:) Six miles is actually a nice run Colin, that is better than what I would of expected. Good luck with your upcoming 5K!