Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hip Update

Well, it has been confirmed that I do have a labral tear in my right hip. The cause is likely from the top of my femur having a very slight bump in it, and over the years it has pinched that cartilage and torn it.

I will need to have surgery, but after meeting with the specialist, I've decided to put it off for the time being. After my recent broken arm, I'm not exactly ready financially nor mentally to go through that process again. The recovery and PT involved just doesn't appeal to me right now. The doc said that I should be fine, as long as I don't put it off for too long. Otherwise, it'll lead to arthritis and, possibly, a full hip replacement. Tentatively, I'm thinking about getting it done this fall. In the meantime, I can get a cortisone injection if/when it bothers me too much. I'm hoping to train for a triathlon or two, so we'll see if that becomes necessary due to my training.

With that said, I'm planning on heading out for my first run since I broke my treadmill over a month ago. I can tell that my left knee is still an issue, so hopefully the pain won't be too bad.

Maybe I should get that cortisone shot in my left knee instead...?

ADDENDUM: I did have surgery on my right hip on August 18th, 2016...which is the one year anniversary of my first surgery, on my broken left arm. It was a sweet way to bookend my 3 surgeries.

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