Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Well, THAT Was Fast!

A recent running time? My ability to lace up my running shoes? How quickly I actually showered after running?


My "comeback." It lasted all of five runs, for a total of 16 measly miles.

The left knee couldn't take it. It had hurt for part of each of those five runs, but during run #4, it actually started hurting less. That made me hopeful. Today, sadly, those hopes were dashed. I ran 4 miles and, during the first mile, the pain was terrible. I nearly stopped. I continued, and the pain diminished a little. Then, with about a half mile to go, it returned. I probably altered my gait to compensate, since my right knee was also sore after the run.

I can tell my left knee is really messed up. When I shake that leg (like you'd do if you were trying to loosen your quads), I feel a sharp pain under my knee cap. Going up and down stairs also hurts. Of course, I already paid for the 10K I was planning on running with my daughter. I just don't see how it's going to be possible to run it.

At nearly 48 years old, I think I've reached a time in my life where I need to stop pushing through things that hurt my body. 

I can't have surgery just yet (not until after bowling season is over, anyway. I'm having a good season!) I'll most likely switch to cycling, weather permitting (or just ride on my trainer) to get my cardio fitness back. I'm now only 116 miles away from 10,000 lifetime running miles, so I'll have to find a way to at least achieve that mark! I'm holding out hope that a simple scoping of the knee, followed by the requisite recovery, will be enough to allow me to once again work on that goal.

Until then, it's time to use other means to get fit again...

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