Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Not Very Fun-Knee

More news from the "If It's Not One Thing, It's Another" file.

(I honestly don't intend on making this a whiny, complaining-centric blog.)

The extent of my cardio training this winter (sad to say) has been walking. Surely, this injury-prone guy can take simple walks without injuries, right?

Not if my left knee has anything to say about it. This knee used to be my "good" knee up until last summer. That's when I'd start noticing pain under the kneecap during many of my runs. I haven't run since December 3rd of last year, but I've walked 121 miles since then. The pain has gradually increased to the point where I nearly have to limp during those walks to relieve the pressure (it hurts right when my foot makes impact with the ground). Lately, I've been icing and taking ibuprofen after walking.

If I had to guess (always encouraged when it comes to joint problems), I'd say the knee probably needs to be scoped and damaged cartilage needs to be removed. Oddly enough, my "bad" knee (right) has been feeling fine.

I plan to continue walking, unless it becomes too painful (it's close now) since I have a goal of walking 500 miles this year (essentially doubling last year's walking mileage). I also plan on getting on the bike soon, so it'll be interesting to see how the knee handles that. I'm guessing it's the impact that bothers it, so pedaling a bike shouldn't be an issue. I hope.

It also wouldn't hurt to drop a few of the pounds I've put on this winter. I'm starting on that journey now.

But, man, that donut looks good...

UPDATE: I just did a keyword search for "knee pain" in my blog and, lo and behold, the first mention of pain under my left kneecap was in an entry I posted on September 28, 2009 (4 1/2 years ago)! So perhaps this isn't a "good" knee after all.

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