Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Daily Mile

As I posted on the website Daily Mile, I'm now literally a "daily miler."

I've decided that, instead of not running at all, I would try to coax my hamstring to get stronger and recover by running a single slow mile on a daily basis. Smart? Probably not. But a similar approach seemed to put my old heel injury behind me over a year ago. This might be a different situation, though, since muscle tissue is involved, whereas that was more of a bone/tendon issue.

My hamstring has become slightly more sore as the week has progressed (I'm on day 7 of my daily mile regimen.) It's not to the point where running hurts it. It actually hurts more when I'm not running...although I know it would tweak out pretty seriously if I tried to run fast.

I'm a very stubborn runner, so hopefully I'll know when to say when. But my real hope is that, after an initial period of slight hamstring pain, the muscles will start to strengthen and the pain will subside. That might be more of a dream than a reality...but five months of ZERO running earlier this year did little to fix my hammy, so I might as well give this a shot.

More as things develop...

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