Saturday, August 31, 2013

Solid Week on the Wheels

I just wrapped up my training week this morning. 84 miles on the bike. Not much to most cyclists, but that's my biggest riding week since 2009. After this morning's 28-mile easy ride, my legs actually feel pretty solid. I think some of my endurance fitness is coming back. With maybe 2-3 months of riding left this year (outdoors, anyway, unless I want to be hard-core,) I hope to work up to over 100 miles per week. I've started informally training to ride the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes. It's a roughly 72 mile paved trail that starts in Plummer, Idaho and ends just a few miles West of the Montana border, in Mullan, ID. My family and I walked a short portion of the trail during a recent camping trip, and it's beautiful. A friend of mine here in the Spokane area wants to ride it with me, so I now have a goal to train for. We're not going to push the pace, but we both need to get ready for several hours in the saddle. We'll most likely ride out to Mullan, stay overnight there, and ride back the following day, rather than ride 140+ miles round-trip in one day. I'm pretty sure I'm not up for that!

Here's what this week's training looked like:

MON: Bike 12.1 mi @ 16.8 mph avg (43:04); weights (full body)
TUE: off
WED: Bike 30.0 mi @ 17.1 mph avg (1:44:59)
THU: Bike 14.0 mi @ 17.4 mph avg (48:10); weights (full body)
FRI: off
SAT: Bike 27.9 mi @ 16.0 mph avg (1:44:40)
SUN: off


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