Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I'm unfortunately not talking about the kind of moving done while running. Haven't done any of that for about 7 weeks now.

I'm talking about selling our house and moving across the state, from Everett to Spokane, WA. Our house sold three days after being listed. The inspection took place yesterday and, barring anything crazy, the sale will close on May 20th. We'll move by the end of June (the kids get out of school on June 17th.) In the meantime, we'll be making trips to Spokane to hunt for a new house.

Somewhere in the mix, I need to get my behind on the bike. I'm already going to be unprepared for the Seattle to Portland bike ride (July 13th-14th), but if I don't get my body used to time in the saddle, it could be a long 200+ miles. I imagine it will be anyway.

For the most part, my ailing hamstring feels pretty good. One of my daughters hurt herself about a week ago, and I bolted up the stairs, which re-aggravated the hammy, so it seems that it wouldn't take much to set it off again. So, with the need to get on the bike and the impending relocation, it might be a while before I'm running again.

But I'll be back!


  1. Moving is a stressful event and having to keep all your other commitments in place is not easy. All the best with everything!

  2. Hope you organize everything properly. Moving can be actually fun and exciting especially for the whole family but the stressful part is packing all your things.