Friday, March 22, 2013

Up On Blocks

A bumper sticker I created for myself. Hey, it's true for me!

Well, despite my high hopes, substituting cycling for running didn't quite agree with my hamstring.

Which means I need to let it rest completely. Which also means no 5k race tomorrow and likely no 5 mile race on April 6th.

Aside from wasting money on entry fees, I'm really not too bummed about the situation. I've gone through this many times, so I'm confident that I'll be "resurrected" as a runner once again. The tricky thing about this particular injury is that it's hard to gauge. One day it'll feel fine, the next I'll feel a tweak while merely walking around the house. I'll err on the side of caution (which I didn't do when the injury first appeared) and let it rest for at least another couple of weeks.

What to do in the meantime...assuming I don't get the urge to swim (and if I do, I'll just consider it a beer or ice cream craving...or both)...

How about weight lifting!


I've bounced back and forth between running and lifting weights numerous times, so my body usually gets back into the "iron groove" relatively quickly when I start hitting the weights pretty seriously...which is what I've done this week.

I'll never be mistaken for the Hulk, but for a scrawny runner, I put on a decent amount of muscle:

After this morning's workout. I vil crush yoo!

So please forgive the narcissistic photos, but when I'm a droopy old man, I can look back and laugh, er, be proud of having a couple of muscle fibers to crow about.

I just wish the hamstring muscle fibers would cooperate!


  1. Blah, that really sucks about the hamstring. I have a test run tomorrow that I am slightly worried about. Lots of twinges in my leg.....

    Were those pics today or from when you went all out core??

    1. Good luck w/your test run...but take it E-A-S-Y.
      The pics are from today. I've tried to keep the strength training going, even before I recently got hurt. Don't want to lose too much muscle, like I did during my marathon cycle back in '10.

  2. Sorry about the hamstring, I have had a couple of injuries and it sucks being forced to the sidelines.