Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Just How Many Feet Do You Have?"

By Popular Demand*, I now present my current RUNNING SHOE ROTATION:

[click to enlarge]
 The back row, none of them having yet been worn, are mostly in-the-wings backups. The two new pair of Launches (my favorite shoes) were purchased when I found out that the model will be discontinued in 2013. I'm currently unable to utilize the Brooks Cascadia 5's, since I can't run hills (the C 5's are a trail shoe and, as is the nature of most local trails, they tend to be hilly.) The two pair on the far right (Pure Cadence and Adrenaline GTS 12) just arrived today. The Adrenalines will immediately go into my regular rotation (based on my recent gait analysis). The Pure Cadence will likely be worn only during races and/or speedwork (when I can actually DO regular speedwork!)

The front row are my current rotation. The Pure Flow, sadly, have only accumulated 6 miles. Too low of a heel-toe drop for my Achilles and heel to handle right now (may be the same story with the Pure Cadence, too). The Defyance 3's and the Ghost 4's are my workhorses. I've been wearing the Defyance series for over 3 years. The Ghosts, just this year. Initially, I wasn't sure I liked them, but now I may like how they feel more than the D-3's.

If I added my retired running shoes, I'd have to back the camera up even more. Some of them I wear just to kick around in, some for yard work, and some I intend to donate.

Once I put a few miles on the Adrenalines (and possibly the Pure Cadence), I'll give them a short review.

* 'Popular Demand' is a bit misleading. The only 'demand' in play here is the one from my wife that I CEASE AND DESIST any further acquisition of running shoes.

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