Saturday, June 9, 2012

Boeing Flight for Sight 5k

This morning, I ran the Flight for Sight 5k, which is a race to benefit Guide Dogs of America. I finished in 22:54 (7:23 pace). I actually won my age group (45-49)! I can't remember ever winning my age group (got a few 2nds & 3rds, but never 1st place). There were only eight finishers in my age group, but I'll take it. Finished 7th overall (not sure how many overall finishers yet, but it was a small race. I'm guessing under 100 for the 5k).

I'm a bit embarrassed to win my age group with that time, but I am happy about a couple of things. First, I've done nothing but Zone 2 runs (10:20-ish pace) the last three weeks, with absolutely NO fast running. I guess this shows that slow base-building can increase fitness enough to still run a reasonable pace. Second, this course was hillier than the 5k I ran in Arlington three weeks ago, yet I ran almost 30 seconds faster (note: I have lost 6 lbs. since that race, so that helped, too). Third, I managed to run negative splits yet again (7:44, 7:27, 7:13, 6:10 pace for last .1). I was still hurting more than I wanted to, but for an old guy held together with duct tape and paperclips that can barely train, I'm not at all disappointed. Next up, Berry Dairy Days in Burlington (with Natalie; next Saturday), then Run of the Mill 5k (July 7th).

[EDIT: the official results are in. Turns out, there were actually 8 finishers in my age group (makes me feel better, anyway)]. Official results:
Overall: 7 of 93
Age group: 1 of 8
Men: 7 of 47

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  1. Congrats on the big age group win!!! Disregard the size of the race, first place is first place!