Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Heel Update

I don't see my doctor again for another couple of weeks, but I thought I'd post about something other than my freakin' abs! Despite recent appearances, this is indeed a running-related blog, so here's wazzup regarding my injured heel.

I've been doing stationary cycling almost exclusively for my cardio training (along with weights, of course). Obviously no running yet, and not much walking, either (although I could do more walking than I do). Overall, my heel has responded well. But I've noticed a pattern. I occasionally get a dull ache in the injured area. It seems to happen after I've been wearing shoes for an extended period of time. Being that I work at home, I wear slippers around the house, which don't put any pressure on my heel. However, my regular tennis shoes, and even my running shoes when I've worn them somewhere, cause my heel to ache for sometimes a day or two afterward.

During one of my doctor visits, my doc commented that I probably wasn't a good candidate for Vibram 5-finger shoes. Given how regular shoes seem to aggravate my heel, I'm starting to wonder if he might be wrong. Biomechanically, I may have some issues...but if this permanent heel bump causes aggravation to my Achilles while wearing normal shoes, who knows? I may have to save up & give the VFFs a shot. Initially, I would just wear them around the house to see how my heel & Achilles responds, compared to my regular shoes.


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  1. Nope, I agree with your Doc. The VFFs employ a relatively tight band which feels tight even on my non-sensitized Achilles. While the band is adjustable by the runner, it nevertheless has to be somewhat taught so-as to prevent he shoe from sliding off. Easiest proof is to stop by your specialty running store and ask if you can wear a pair for 30-minutes to an hour. During this time walk and jog as much as you practically can; I suspect however that you're going to be somewhat unhappy.

    Sorry to hear that your heel is still sensitive despite not running for as long as you've done. I'd accelerate your forthcoming doctor's visit, as I expect he'll recommend escalation in your treatment. Good luck!