Monday, February 7, 2011

Ab Challenge Update, and a Big Congrats

I'm down to the final 3 weeks of my abs quest. They're going to be very challenging, but I think it's going to end long as my wife doesn't kill me before then.

I'm sure it's being said on many a running blog across the interwebs, but I want to add my congratulations for the man who tortured challenged me to get a 6-pack, Chris K of BQ or Die fame, who did as his blog title suggests. No, not die, but BQ! After coming back from a fractured heel last summer, then working on his running form until he was blue in the face, busting out a BQ time in yesterday's Surf City marathon is very impressive. So Chris, again, congratulations! And I don't care what the inmates down at the corrections facility say about you, you're a manly man and a role model to us all. Long may you run fast and injury free.


  1. Chris is also in my Burpee Contest. The guy is just an animal.

  2. LOL to Andrew. Thanks Colin. I am pretty happy. I'm still not sure if it was a tough race or that I was so freaking determined I pretended it wasn't. I'm just glad it's over. Thanks for your support and frienship along the way.