Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Little Report On...What Else? Le Heele!

I've been talking about my injured heel for so long that it has become an entity all its own. I suppose I should name him (my youngest daughter is the perfect person for that task). He has a personality. Some days, he's cranky and irritable. Other days, he's chipper and ready for the day's challenges. Still others, it's a roller-coaster ride. I truly try to appease him and meet his every need, but I can only do so much. Personally, I think he needs to get out more.

After some soreness last week, he's been pretty agreeable the last few days. I'm still lifting weights 3x per week and riding my Schwinn Airdyne 3 days per week, so I haven't changed my routine. I hope there's an adaptation happening.

My next move, cardio-wise, will be to visit the pool. Upon visiting, I may actually consider getting in and swimming. We'll see. Also, when the doc says it's okay to bike outdoors (he doesn't want me pushing big gears or up hills, and there are many hills around here), I'll do that, too (brrrrrr). Hey, I bought a new helmet, so at least I'll look a little cooler than I did while wearing my 1948 bike helmet!

Finally, to all of you who just completed the Goofy Challenge (and associated races), congratulations! Sounds like it was great weather this time.


  1. Swimming is no running or outdoor cycling, but you know what, it's not horrible either:)

  2. I kid. Go Seahawks. I CANNOT wait for a 7-9 team to win the S.B.

  3. Colin, will you get rid of this annoying word verification?!

  4. Just got rid of word verification, but if spam gets to be a problem, I'll add it back.

  5. Don't worry about the spam. Bloggers spam catcher is actually top notch here lately (they just upgraded it a while back).

    That is good news that you're going to be able to do some real cross training soon. That'll help the abs challenge! (btw, nice week 9 pics)