Friday, November 20, 2009

Long Run Friday

I ran a very enjoyable 12 miler today. First time over 10 miles since the Spokane Half Marathon, on Oct. 11th. Even though I could have done without, I practiced my on-the-run nutrition. I started drinking Heed at mile 4, then drank every 2 miles after that. I also ate my first vanilla Hammer Gel (which I liked); 1/3 of it at mile 4, 1/3 at mile 6, and 1/3 at mile 8. It all worked perfectly. Never had any stomach issues, and I'm really getting used to the belt. I'll run a 3.5 mile recovery run tomorrow, for a weekly total of 31 miles...which will be my highest week of the year, embarrassingly enough. Even during my buildup to the half marathon, I topped out at only a 30 mile week. I'm still slowly building the miles this year just to keep my legs (primarily my IT band) from rebelling. After next month's 10k, I'll be focusing on increasing my long runs and weekly mileage in my marathon buildup.
Have a great weekend...and good luck to those of you racing - especially my podcast & blogger friends running the Philadelphia Marathon. Run strong you guys and gals!


  1. Looking good buddy. Just let me know when you're ready to try Tiger Mt. again.

    MY .02, you can build speed, and you can build up your mileage but don't try to do both.

  2. Yeah, I agree with you. I'll do a little speed (tempo, mostly) before the 10k I'm running next month, then I'll focus on mostly increasing my mileage. I do want to build strength with some hills. I'd be up for Tiger Mt. again. It was fun!