Sunday, June 7, 2009


My family and I went to "family swim" time at a local community pool. Every few minutes, I'd sneak over to the lap lane and do a few laps. Managed to get in 400 yds total. Not much, but enough to get my heart rate up & work the shoulders & back a little. I used to swim quite a bit back in '97-98 (one period when I was too injured to run), but the last few years I haven't done much swimming at all. My current decent level of fitness from running and cycling doesn't necessarily carry over to the swim. I couldn't go more than two full laps before stopping to rest. I remember when I started back in '97 that it took a couple of weeks to adjust and get to where I could do my full workout without stopping. I don't plan on swimming regularly right now, but if (God forbid) I get too injured to run again, I'll be back in the pool, along with the cycling.


  1. I tend to do more sinking then swimming

  2. Swimming isn't my strong suit, either. I probably don't have technically correct form.