Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another spin

As I had predicted, I ended up staying inside this morning for a 60 minute spin on the trainer. I included 3x3min of "hammering" after the first 30 minutes. Later this week, I WILL get out for some hill riding. I'll be running again tomorrow morning, possibly back on my recently-found hilly trail which helped me train for my 5k. Any way I can strengthen my legs for the uphill portion of my bike leg, I'll do it.
Also did 3 sets of 25 situps this morning and will do some other upper-body and core work later today, along with some stretching and foam roller work.
I've probably beaten this dead horse one time too many, but I'm finding it really difficult to switch my focus to cycling. After getting a taste of road racing again after so many years, I'm itching to get out and train hard in my running. I've got a 10k planned for September, but I'm kicking around the idea of running an 8k next month. I probably shouldn't, since I'll be tempted to back off on the cycling and focus on the running again...which probably isn't wise, since the triathlon is on Aug. 9th. I'm grateful to even HAVE this little internal battle, having not run for so many years.

Hey, if you can make it, swing by the runner's round table today at 1:00pm PST for an open mike show. I may actually call in!

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