Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Morning run, pre-6:00am!

Sing with me..."oh, what a beautiful moooorrniiing..."
I got up at 5:05, had some water and a granola bar, then hit the road at 5:50 for a very refreshing 5.5 mile run @ 44:14 (8:02 avg pace/mile). It was a brisk 50 degrees, but I wore my shorts & tank top anyway. The sun was rising into a light blue sky, peppered with a few sparse fluffy clouds. Wow, I'm so poetic this time of day.
I'm really enjoying the morning runs & will be sad when summer's over and I either run later, or venture out in the cold dark.
Now I think I'll take a quick ice bath, then I'm taking the day off to go to the zoo with the wife and kids. There's a new penguin exhibit that everyone's talking about, so the kids are anxious to see it.
Oh...back to training - I did decide to do a 60-minute spin on my trainer yesterday afternoon after my aborted ride. It was pretty steady with exception of a couple of 3-minute surges. After I was done, I realized that my back brake was sticking and I was pedaling against even more resistance than I though!
Tomorrow should be another bike ride...outside, I hope.
Enjoy your Tuesday!


  1. That is quite poetic! Oh sweat, how I loathe thee, let me count the ways... I love runs that feel like nothing, like you've just gone for a stroll!

  2. Hey, you COULD sing this, in your golden tenor voice. I'm also a singer & took voice lessons, but didn't fare well with the Italian arias. I sang the show tunes better, although I'm actually more of a classic rock singer. But I digress. Yes, it was a very enjoyable run. What's really encouraging is my average "easy" pace for that early in the morning is getting faster. Thanks for stopping by Brandon!

  3. As I ran this morning I didn't feel as poetic as you did. But you do make a good point about how I'm going to miss the sunrise in a few months. Thanks for reminding me to count my blessings.

  4. Thanks George. I used to shun morning runs. It seemed like my body wouldn't wake up and I'd be a very tight and slow-running zombie. I may not have given myself long enough to get used to them. Now, I finish with quite an endorphin high (maybe I shouldn't post to my blog under that influence!)
    Good luck with your triathlon training. I'll be following your progress.

  5. Yay! Nice early rising there Colin. September is always such a depressing month for me because the morning light starts to fade and my early morning runs are numbered. Enjoy it while you can. That's what I say. Morning sunrises, birds chirping, just you and the road ... that's what it's all about. Smelling the wafting scent of bacon sometimes is pretty awesome, too.

    Great job!!!