Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last Run Before 5k

Went out at 6:15am for one final (and SLOOOOW) run before my 5k on Saturday. I ran 3.5 miles at a pace of 8:39/mile (avg HR of 138). It didn't feel quite as easy as it should have, but I'm not yet a morning runner. I'm trying, though. I'd love to keep it up all summer. It's excruciating to do morning runs during the "dark months" here in the Pacific NW, so I may not continue these beyond September or so.
Yesterday, I did a quick resistance workout:
Pullups (3 sets), Decline (feet raised) Pushups (3 sets), DB shrugs (2 sets), Situps (3 sets), Hanging dips (3 sets), DB curls (2 sets).
I'll do a little workout tomorrow similar to yesterdays, take Friday off, then see what I can muster for the 5k on Saturday.
Thanks for stopping by!