Friday, May 15, 2009

Long Friday Ride

Just returned from a 40-mile bike ride. Longest so far this year. It was a good thing I was going for distance and not speed. My legs had plenty of endurance, but no snap to them at all...probably since I've gone longer in my runs, spin & ride this week. The ride took 2:26 (16.4 mph avg). Neck and lower back were pretty sore, but otherwise things felt good. I'm really tempted to throw down a run tomorrow, but I'll probably take Sat & Sun as rest days and go shorter and add some intervals next week. I think it's about time to transition to more of a strength/power phase - especially on the bike. Hill repeats are coming soon. Not really looking forward to them, but if I don't want to get dropped in the first 12 miles of the bike leg of the tri, I need to do them. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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