Saturday, December 18, 2010

Too Kind Shout-Out

Last month, Craig Romano (a senior writer for Northwest Runner magazine) and I finally met in person at the Fowl Fun Run (my last run to-date, where I paced my daughter in her first road race). We had a great conversation. He followed up with an email, asking about not only my club, but my running parody songs & videos, saying he wanted to mention them in his Club Report article the following month. I just received my copy in the mail today (Jan. 2011 issue) and he was WAY too kind. It was much appreciated. Aside from one slight misstatement (I've only played all instruments except drums on ONE song so far, but I'll be doing that more for future songs; oh, and there are 20 songs now, not 19), it was a great blurb from a great writer & very nice guy. If you live in the Pacific Northwest and you're a runner that doesn't already subscribe to their magazine, you should!
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