Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Still Tender...and Brooks!

Work is INSANE currently, so right to the point: light cycling still bothers my heel. I did a 10 minute spin last Thursday and a 15 minute spin last Saturday, and my heel ached a couple of days after the latter spin. I may try again (maybe 10 minutes), but after walking around last night with my family (after which, the heel felt okay), I may try some walking. I just NEED to get some aerobic exercise. I'm enjoying the weight lifting (which I'm skipping this week, due to work), but I need an endurance fix. As my strength increases, my endurance is bottoming out. I don't like that feeling.

Swimming was going to be an option, but my pool is closed until January I'll at least have to wait until then.

One positive bit of news is that Brooks has invited me back to not only be an ID (Inspire Daily) member, but also a member of their P.A.C.E. team (Performance and Coaching Elite), “reserved for a special subset of Brooks’ top influencers.” (guess I've got them fooled...ha!) I'm honored to be a part of their team for another year. I've said it before, but I was a Brooks guy long before being an ID member. I just need to get over this injury so I can get back out there and do justice to their sponsorship!

If I don't post again this week, have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Despite some setbacks this year, I've really enjoyed the friendships I've formed with fellow runners I've met online. Your comments, suggestions and encouragements have been invaluable.


  1. It's great that you can be a Brooks member again! Have a wonderful Christmas Colin. 2011 will be good again.

  2. Colin, I'm thinking your heel with be totally pain free by the end of January. Just a hunch. Glad to hear that work is busy. Merry Christmas to you too. Maybe my present will be an appearance by Gil soon?

  3. Colin - I can see why Brooks elevated your position with their program. You're incredibly knowledgeable and motivated to improve, and once you get your heel problem behind you I'm convinced that your running troubles will be a distant memory. Good luck in finding resolution there, ideally non-surgical - but it's good not to rule anything out especially as you're now blessed with an extremely competent doctor to guide you in your next steps. Have a great Christmas with your family!

  4. Wow! That is so awesome on the Brooks elevation. You'll have to email me and let me know what that new designation will get you.

    I'm still trying to get in with the Brooks people. It is a slow process now that they require a reference from a guru or running store mgr.

    That is a bummer about your heel. Hopefully it starts cooperating soon.

  5. Does Brooks offer you healthcare? :)

    Merry Christmas to you too!