Friday, December 3, 2010

Embrace the Change

I've been in a walking boot for nearly 3 weeks. It's also been 3 weeks since my last run of the year (the 2-mile fun run with my daughter), and 16 weeks since I've put in as much as 20 miles of running in a week. So, obviously, not a lot of running-related news coming from the Resurrected Runner camp at the moment (thus the infrequent posts and silly videos).

If you've been following my saga, you know how bummed I was when the injury forced me to stop running. It's not easy to have something you love, something that's a big part of your daily life, suddenly removed. There are both physical and psychological ramifications*.

Fortunately, since I've redirected my physical energies toward another venture, I've been able to bounce back. In fact, I'm actually enjoying the break from running as I get back into weight lifting. I won't go so far as to say I was burned out on running — because I wasn't — but I will say that I was starting to put a lot of pressure on myself to perform at a certain level, thereby making me frustrated when I'd run a disappointing race. I'm all for having time and distance goals, because I thrive on them, but when they create so much stress that something that should be enjoyable borders on being a job, or a chore, then it's time to re-evaluate. I was getting to that point, and the injury was exacerbating** the problem.

So...a switch has finally been flipped in my feeble mind that is allowing me to step back and look at my running — and overall fitness — a bit more objectively. I'm more at peace now, and even though I can't currently get my "aerobic fix", I'm enjoying the challenge of working on "getting my abs" and getting stronger. When the time comes when I can start running again, you can bet I'll be ready.

But until then, I'll definitely survive...and maybe even thrive. And you guys & gals can keep the roads and trails warm for me!

*winner of today's Victorious Vocabulary award
**ooh...double the award!


  1. Good job and great attitude, Colin!

  2. Best to you and your journey, man!

    You have the right idea!

  3. Great attitude! You will survive and thrive and yes, well keep the roads and trails warm. Good luck Colin!

  4. So..... when are we gonna see some pictures of the guns?

  5. Just wait until you come back to running. You are really gonna have a new appreciation for it. After my layoff, I was sooooo happy to be running again. You'll be there Colin. You will. BTW, great job on RRT.