Thursday, December 16, 2010

2nd Test

Since last Saturday's 20-minute spin on the Lifecycle seemed to cause my heel to ache the following two days, I thought I'd cut the spinning time in half and give it another go today. If today's ten minutes (this time, on my Schwinn Airdyne) causes the heel to ache tomorrow, I'll know for sure that even the simple act of pedaling is a no-no for the time being. As an aside, it's shocking how much aerobic fitness I've lost, given my perceived effort level during this “easy” 10-minute spin.

I had planned to give swimming a try, but that'll have to wait until after January 5th. My local pool is closed for maintenance until then (I have an unused pass I've already paid for, so I'm not going elsewhere).

On a related note, another “S word” has been floating around the house lately. No, not that. And no, not Santa (okay, maybe a little). I'm talking “surgery.” Again, I'm deferring to my doc for now, but if I can't even pedal a bike, I don't see how running is going to happen until the thing causing the pain is removed. Sure, inactivity may have calmed down the injured area, but that bone growth and scarred Achilles tendon are still there.

So my cardio options continue to be limited, unfortunately. I'd like to start walking on the treadmill (or outdoors, even), but I've been asked to hold off on that for now. It's aggravating, it's frustrating, but it is what it is.

Someday, when I'm out on a pain-free long run, this will all be a distant memory.

Run an extra mile for me this weekend!


  1. It'll take 2 months to get the endurance back. Don't worry about that. Good luck being pain free tomorrow. Maybe you will have to do you-know-what.

  2. Chin up! Sorry to hear about your heel.