Tuesday, February 9, 2010

State of Being

I'm feeling a bit philosophic tonight. This has the potential to be a very odd post...but here goes. Let me see if I can phrase this question properly - have you ever felt that running felt more like your natural state of being than NOT running? In other words, once you start a run, your mind and body say "ah...normality once again!" Or, when you're walking around the house or in your yard, your body is dying to break into a jog, just because it seems more the norm than walking? To be honest, I've only had this sensation a few fleeting times. This could possibly go along with that "I feel like I could keep running forever" feeling. This I've also had in a fleeting and very rare instance. I've never really reached the level of fitness as a runner where I would know whether or not the "running as normality" affliction is possible. I like to hope that it is, since as a runner, this is a state of being I'd like to achieve one day.

Any thoughts?


  1. I think as long as I do my normal or planned training I (my body/mind) is ok with the situation and happy to wait for the next run. I definitely get that ah,this is good feeling when I start my run for the day. Missing planned training certainly brings a feeling that nothing is normal and nothing will be normal until I can run again.

    I reached a level of fitness many years ago where I could go and run any distance up to 50km without thinking about it at all. It was just another run. I ran 3 marathons on some weekends then. This was however, in a very much younger body!

  2. I also feel sub-par if I miss too many days of training. Back in December, I had a very modest 19-day running streak. When it ended, I actually felt stronger than when it started. It's amazing how the body adapts to a stimulus.
    Thanks for the comment, Johann!