Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today I officially hit the 300 mile mark for running mileage so far this year (307.8 to be exact). This is, by far, the earliest I've ever hit that mark. I've never been a high-mileage runner, even back in high school when I was faster than I am now, so this is new territory for me. I'm currently on pace to run 2037 miles this year. It's exciting to do this while in my 40's, even though I know there are people who run much higher mileage at much older ages. So far, my body seems to be adapting to the mileage fairly well, aside from my right knee (that has good days and not so good days). I do have to stay on top of things like stretching, icing my knees (or taking ice baths) and using the foam roller. I'm still working on getting the proper nutrition right after running to aid in recovery.

I didn't start increasing my mileage until December of last year. Here are the weekly mileage totals of my previous 10 weeks (from oldest to most recent):

30.0 (back-off week)

This week should total 43.5 miles. For me, this is as consistent as I've ever been with my running. My body likes this kind of weekly mileage. I'll be gradually increasing it the next few weeks (peaking at a 60-mile week) in preparation for my first marathon in May. Hopefully the consistency, and the adaptation by my body, will continue!


  1. Hi Colin,
    Congrats on hitting that 300 mile marker!! That is are doing so much better than me! I am sure that you will most certainly be ready for your first marathon in May:) Good job and keep pluggin away!!

  2. Well done! I take it easy when I up the distance and push for that only not worrying about time and pace at all. That helps the body cope. Speed can come later again, although at age 46 myself I'm not worried about that anymore.

  3. Thanks Julie. From what I see on your blog, you're doing great yourself!
    Johann, even though I already know what you're saying, thank you for reminding me. I need to slow down some of my runs as I'm building my mileage. When you feel your fitness improving, it's hard to resist the temptation to push the pace when you shouldn't.

  4. Funny, I am pretty sure I’ve heard Brandon @ Brandon’s Marathon / IronBrandon talk about your blog. Maybe…who knows :) Thanks for stopping by mine!

    So, your mileage is pretty awesome. That is where I want to be day in day out. A 40 mile base is really solid – you could pretty much run a marathon with 2 weeks of prep.

    To answer your question from a few weeks ago. Yes, I’ve had that ‘gotta run’ feeling before. Funny, it usually doesn’t happen during 3 milers but instead for 5 milers. I’ve also had that feeling a few times during races. Believe me, it is Ah-ma-zing.

  5. Hey Adam! Thanks for stopping by. I heard you a few weeks ago on the RRT. I've enjoyed reading your blog recently. Good luck at R&R!