Friday, February 19, 2010


Today, I sadly say farewell to my first pair of Brooks Defyance 2 shoes. I normally don't get too nostalgic about my running shoes, but these were special. When I started running in January 2009, after several years of not running due to chronic injuries, I wore the same overbuilt shoes I ran in before I had to quit running. I could tell that the problems would resurface, so after consulting a friend of mine, I settled on a pair of Brooks Defyance 2's - a more neutral trainer. They were the shoes that brought me back to the running world. I ran my first "comeback" race in them last June. I trained for my first half marathon in them.

As the miles built up, they moved further down in my shoe rotation. Recently, I mostly ran my short recovery runs in them. But after 521 miles, and because of some recent knee issues, I need to put them out to pasture for good. Now, even my follow-up pair of Defyance 2's are up to 300+ miles, so they won't be far behind.

So farewell my old friends. You helped me to get back out there.


  1. Hi Colin,
    I have never tried a pair of Brooks yet. I am thinking that I probably should. I have always been an Asics girl but with my recent toe issues, I may need to try something else:)

    Now I have to go back and read about your first half marathon!! Have a great weekend Colin:)

  2. I love Brooks gear (shoes in particular). I hope you find a brand & model that works perfectly for you!

  3. I remember about 1976 when Brooks came out with what was the first pair of running shoes for distance runners and they were affordable! I remember they were blue and orange logo accents. They were GREAT shoes in their day.

  4. James, I'm a few years younger than you, but I remember getting my first pair in '78 or '79 (waffle bottoms) & loved them. For some reason, switched to Nike for my high school years and up until the mid-90's. Then switched to Brooks...but went with the overbuilt stability shoes, which messed me up. I think I found a good shoe combo for now (Defyance 2's, Launch, and Cascadias).