Sunday, July 12, 2009

A run in Omak, WA

Out of town again this weekend...this time in the little town of Omak, WA (N. Central part of WA, for those not familiar). Yesterday it reached 97 deg. F here. Got up at 6am this morning and ran 7.3 miles in exactly an hour. My course was a loop near our hotel, but the first time around, I deviated from the loop and up (and I do mean "up") a half-mile hill. I don't have a GPS watch, so after the run I drove the course to measure it and couldn't believe I ran up this hill non-stop. I wish I had my bike. I would have done repeats on the hill. Oh well...a run was all I could do while here sans bike. My right hip was barking quite a bit during the latter part of the run, and I'm wondering if this hill contributed to it.

We head back home tomorrow. I'll switch to cycling almost exclusively the rest of this month, with an easy run thrown in here and there to break things up.

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  1. I imagine you are talking about the hill towards the Rockwall winery from the Best Western/

  2. Wow, this is an old post!
    Yes, you are correct. That was the hill. It was tough!