Saturday, July 11, 2009

On the bike again...finally!

Went for a 25 mile bike ride this morning on local roads. My course included a few good hills. After warming up, I tried to stay in my large chain ring on a lot of the uphills. I didn't feel especially powerful, but I managed to average 16.8 mph, including some traffic stops. I was a bit surprised and disappointed when I looked at my log and realized I only rode 50 miles in June. I need to start riding frequently and hard, or the bike leg of the Whisky Dick Triathlon on Aug. 9th is going to be very uncomfortable. It probably will be, anyway, but I should try to be as prepared as possible. Oh, by the way, this was my first ride since getting my bike professionally tuned up. I could notice a difference. Had to stop during my ride to adjust a rubbing derailleur, but overall the ride was nice and smooth. I'll be putting on new tires soon.
We're making a brief trip out of town this weekend (no bike, but the running shoes are coming along), then it's back to the bike on Tuesday.

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