Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Bit of History

I was digging through some boxes in the garage yesterday and stumbled upon my old high school track spikes (Puma Mirage, from about 1984).I had to put them on. They still feel great! Probably not too many miles on them, since I mostly wore them to meets. Still have some replacement spikes, too. Now I'm itching to wear them again...someday. I may enter a local All-Comers track meet, possibly next summer. They've been boxed up for 24 years, but I still don't know about their structural integrity. I can just see myself rounding the last turn on the track and having pieces of them flying off, like a blown tire on a speeding semi. Or a pulled calf muscle. But, man, putting these on again really pegged the "nostalgia meter". Fun to reminisce sometimes.

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