Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hot & humid - long run cut short

Even by starting my run before 7:00am, I wasn't able to avoid the heat and humidity here in FL during my weekly long run. I was shooting for 9 miles (5 loops of my 1.8 mile course), but I could only make it around 4 times (7.2 miles) before it was a bit too much. I started getting a tad dizzy and my breathing more labored than it should have been. The good news was that the 8:25 pace I was running seemed VERY slow. That was my 3rd run while down here on vacation (16.1 miles so far). I hope to get in at least 1 more before flying home early Wednesday morning. I do miss the hills, but the heat and humidity is adding another dynamic to my training. Not sure it'll translate to any kind of improvement, but I like finding out how my body will respond to different stressors.
I hope everyone enjoyed their celebrations yesterday!

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