Sunday, July 8, 2012

Run of the Mill 5k...and, More New Shoes!

Yesterday morning, I ran the Run of the Mill 5k, in Mill Creek, WA. I ran this race for the first time in 2010 but skipped last year's version due to my never-ending injury situation.

It was a beautiful morning, with temperatures hovering somewhere between 'just right' and 'a tad too warm.' I've been fighting a head and chest cold for over a week. It recently turned into a bit of bronchitis, so I wasn't going to go all out in this one. I started slowly (partially out of necessity, due to the crowd), then ran each mile faster than the previous. My splits were:

(6:19 pace for last .13)

Official time: 23:15.

Overall: 175 of 1321
Age group (40-49): 19 of 111
Men: 140 of 581

Obviously nothing to crow about, but given how I felt, I was pleased with the result; especially with a pretty quick final mile.

The overall winner, Jordan McNamara, won it in a time of 14:13 (a new course record). He's the real deal, having finished 7th in the Men's 1500m final at the Olympic Trials in Eugene recently.

A nice addition to the many booths set up for the race was the Brooks Cavalcade of Curiosities double-decker bus. Being a Brooks ID member myself, I (of course) had to pay them a visit. Although I've been a runner since the late '70s, I somehow had never had my gait professionally analyzed. Brooks was offering that service for free on the top level of their bus, so up I went. I know I'm a bit of a pronator, so this wasn't ground-breaking for me, but it was interesting to see the video, as well as a photo breakdown of just how much I do pronate.

As a result, I was recommended three models of Brooks shoes that I've never worn (of course!) The Adrenalin GTS 12, the Ravenna, and the Trance II.
I ordered a pair of Adrenalins, as well as the Pure Cadence (semi-minimal shoe with a bit of support). My wife was thrilled, to say the least. More shoes to add to my pile ;-)

I'll report back after I've put a few miles on each pair.

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  1. Well done on your result - you did very well indeed! I've heard lots of good things about the Brooks bus, it should come to the UK!