Friday, September 25, 2009

Long Run: Confidence (and Blister) Builder

"Wed, Dec 23, 1987: 14 miles (4 x 3.5 mile loop) in 1:45:00 (7:30/mile pace)."

That was taken from my running log back in 1987. It was my longest run ever. It only took me 22 years to match that distance...because I did it today, albeit quite a bit slower (1:59:02 - 8:30 pace). I went out slow and ran a very manageable and steady pace, wearing my fuel belt. I drank Heed 3-4 times during the run and ate a couple of Shot Blocs at mile 7. The only negative to this run was the decision to wear my new shoes (Brooks Defyance 2, same as my previous pair) with new green Superfeet inserts. I wore that same combination for 350 miles previously without problems, but for some reason, these new inserts rubbed pretty bad blisters into the arches of both feet. Hopefully putting my old inserts into the new shoes will work. Don't want to miss any training leading up to my half due to this blunder. They're pretty sore and tender right now. I'll take tomorrow off and run short on Sunday and see how they feel. Aside from the blisters, this run was a good confidence builder, as my endurance was good and I know I could have run it at a faster pace.


  1. 14! You're going to do this!

    As I am recovering from Plantar Fasciitis, Superfeet Green inserts are my favorites! I don't put them in my running shoes, though. I figure that the shoes are built to assist me in a correct fashion, and the inserts I use elsewhere.

    Let us know if the old inserts work for the next run!

  2. Thanks Charles. I now have no doubts about the distance. Just need to gauge what pace to go out at during the race. As for the old ones worked great! Maybe I should have broken these new ones in on shorter runs first. I'll switch to my old ones (in the new shoes) and see how it goes.