Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thank You

I decided to disclose something to my running friends who visit this blog. As you probably know, I sell my running parody songs on this site. You may have heard them on Chris Russell's Run, Run, Live podcast. Several of you have purchased the first collection, and for that I thank you.

The funds have been sitting in my PayPal account from the first sale on. I recently decided that I would only spend the money on running-related items, services and/or donations. First, I donated a percentage to Chris Russell. We didn't have any kind of formal agreement, but I wanted to send him some as a token of my appreciation for playing them on his podcast. Then, I decided to purchase items that would help in the healing of my foot. I bought KT tape and, just today, I bought a pair of Zensah compression socks and ankle supports. Not that it matters, but I'll continue to spend these funds on running-related stuff (including donations), instead of cheap booze and loose women*.

I plan on having a second parody song collection available for purchase soon. Hopefully, those of you who have purchased the first collection will consider purchasing the second. Also, I hope you'll think of it as not just a donation to my running lifestyle, but that you derive a bit of enjoyment out of listening to them as well.

Until the next group is ready, the first batch is still available here, if you're interested and have not yet purchased them.

And if you have, again, you have my sincerest thanks – from both me AND my on-the-mend foot.

*that comes from a different fund altogether...and it's actually referred to my "one beer a week and date with my beloved wife" fund. But "cheap booze and loose women" sounds more dangerous.


  1. I don't run with music but I think it is great that you do this. Lots of people use KT tape nowadays. Must be something good about it.

  2. What? No cheap booze and loose women!?! Good boy:)

    I love your blog Colin! You always keep me laughing:) Have a fantastic week!

  3. That was good to know, I don't run with music but might also consider listening to it. More power to you! Happy trails!

  4. Mmmmmm, booooozeeeeeee. Wait, what?