Saturday, October 16, 2010


Man, was it good to run with my running club buddies this morning! This was my first "street run" since August 10th, and my first run with the club since July 31st. The last three weeks, I've been gingerly running on the treadmill, along with one day a week at a local high school track. I was nervous about the hills, but aside from just a little discomfort on one downhill stretch, the foot held up just fine this morning. I finally received my KT tape in the mail yesterday and watched a couple of good youtube vids on applying it for certain foot issues. I taped up last night and ran with it this morning and it seemed to help.

I kept the mileage moderate – 4.1 miles at 8:02/mile pace. That pace felt harder than it should have, but that's no surprise since I've hardly run since early August.

At this point, my plan going forward will still be three runs per week; once on the treadmill, once at the track, and once on the roads – all 3 to 5 miles each. While the foot has mostly felt good, I know it's not completely healed. But this type and this amount of running will hopefully both strengthen my foot and let me maintain some semblance of fitness until I can start increasing my distances, frequency and pace later this year and early next year. Right now, I'll take what I can get!

I'm STRONGLY considering some Zensah compression socks to add to my KT tape treatment. I've got a few running friends who swear by them. If you've had experience with them, I'd love to get your take on them.


  1. That sound really cool and gives me some inspiration for my race on Sunday.

    The boring runner uses them.

  2. Very cool that you're out and about again.

    Yep, Andrew is right. (although, I use the CEP socks) I swear by them after tough runs. I feel that they get me up and going faster than otherwise.