Monday, March 23, 2015

Wheels Rolling

The weather has been agreeable enough lately to allow me to get in some rides lately. I'm up to 6 outdoor rides this year (and one hour on the trainer, today, in fact) for a total of 121 miles. My longest ride so far has been a little over 26 miles, and my pace has averaged right around 17 mph. Nothing to crow about, but I feel like my fitness is very gradually beginning to improve. While I won't claim to have become a hard-core, 100% cyclist, I'm embracing it more than before.

My daughter has a 10k trail race coming up on April 19th. I'm also signed up for the race. I obviously can't full-on race it (or even completely run it) with my left knee being a mess, but I'm hoping to maybe run/walk it, just to get out and enjoy nature a bit. I'm not sure if I can do any training runs leading up to it. I may give it a shot, but I'm not hopeful at all. I tried jogging about 20 feet while walking my dog the other morning, and the pain set in immediately.

That's about it from here in currently rainy Spokane (thus, my trainer ride today.)

I hope your running/riding/swimming/exercising is going well!

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