Thursday, May 24, 2012

District Track Meet

Natalie wrapped up her 7th grade track season this evening with a successful District meet. As she's done all season, she ran the 1600m and the 800m. In the 1600, she ran a 6:31 (tying her PR), finishing 4th among 7th grade girls, and in the 800, she ran a 3:01 (a 5-second PR), finishing 5th. In both races, she out-kicked other girls to finish where she did. In the 1600, she was in 7th place going into the final 100 meters. She engaged her now patented kick and pulled ahead of 3 other girls before crossing the line. Her finish in the 800 was similar. There were two girls well ahead of her with about 200m to go. One of them took off, but Natalie managed to reel in the other one and barely beat her at the line.

She was pleased with how her season went (as were her Mom and I!) She learned how to pace herself, running her own race and not getting sucked out too fast early on. She ran negative splits in the mile the last 3 meets and in the 800 the last two.

After a little break, she'll run a 5k with me (Run of the Mill, July 7th). She also expressed interest in running in some of the summer All-Comer's track meets (Shoreline Stadium, north of Seattle). She's already looking forward to 8th grade cross-country season, which will be here before we know it.

It's nice to at least have one successful runner in the family!


  1. you both are great. Congrats to Natalie!

    I always wondered how other kids were running sub 5's and it was the fact they ran cross and had consistent mileage training throughout the off-seasons. I never ran cross country (we didn't even have a team) and i certainly didn't keep track of my running. Unfortunately i was nearly 30 before I figured it out. Keep it up both of you.

  2. Thanks Ron, I appreciate the comments. She's pretty motivated now. I just wish I could keep up with her! And I'd say you definitely figured it out, no matter your age!