Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5K, Part Deux

I added an entry to my "upcoming races" gadget on the right side of the page. Yes, I started "running" again a couple of weeks ago. The quotes are to emphasize that my current two runs per week, from the perspective of any serious runner, are quite laughable. What may draw even more chuckles is the fact that those two runs both involve speed work. Who the heck needs base training?!

Have I officially gone mad? Likely. Since it's become apparent that any halfway decent volume significantly affects my bum heel (and the associated scar tissue in my Achilles tendon), I thought I'd see how running fast (relatively speaking) will affect it, while the mileage and frequency are low. So far, so good.

Does this mean I'm back on my 5K PR Quest? Nah, not really. I'd like to not embarrass myself, but I have no desire to put pressure on myself with this small amount of training. Since my 'Where I'm At' post from a few weeks ago, I've come to realize that I enjoy small, local road races too much to completely give them up, fast times or not.

So, come May 19th, I'll toe the line in Arlington, WA to run a 5k on some short speed work and very little mileage. This should be fun.

And I promise not to gripe if I lose to a 60-year old lady.

No offense, 60-year old ladies...

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