Saturday, June 18, 2011

Taking a Break

As I've tried a bit of running the past couple of months, I've still felt a bit of discomfort around my heel. I could keep running a little here and there with the hopes of the heel gradually adapting. It might. Or, it might not. I may need surgery to fix the issue once and for all (assuming that does fix it). Then, I'm looking at several weeks on crutches, followed by several months of rehab. Currently, I can't wrap my brain around that, even though that may be the choice eventually.

So what am I doing in the meantime? Well, even though most of you know me as a runner, I've had multiple personalities (as it relates to fitness) for many years. I've shifted gears back to weight lifting. I'm actually enjoying it. As is both my strength and occasional downfall, I've thrown myself into it quite seriously (see photo below of me during Ragnar last July, compared with me now).
Dang, was I THAT scrawny?!
I gotta say, my wife likes hugging me without feeling like she's about to break me.

Don't be sad, fellow runners. I'm not done as a runner just yet. I've done this before. Gotten injured from running, backed off, switched my focus to strength training, got the hankering to run again, started over. It may not be the best approach to running, but with my injury history, it gives me a chance to work on something else I enjoy while not dwelling on something I can't do at the time.

Why not hit the bike or pool more? To be completely honest, my heart's just not into it. I'll do both to some degree, but as recreation rather than serious training. I have a love for the simplicity of running that I can't seem to replicate on the bike nor in the pool.

Of course, everything I've just said is subject to change. But these are my current feelings. Yes, I'm one fickle dude.

So, for now, I'm just a 'muscle-head.' I still hope to run a couple of 5k's with my daughter this year. It'll just be with a quirky heel, minimal training, and 25 additional lbs. on my frame!


  1. Holy muscles, Batman! Hope that heel heals up soon. But great job with the lifting!

  2. Wow, what a beast!! In the best way possible:)

  3. Great job. Potential surgery, and its recovery would be a very big deal, so you're wise to give natural healing a lengthy try first. So, it's great that through weight lifting and continued swimming/biking for cardio that you've got another completely valid set of fitness alternatives.

  4. Bummer. You're probably making the right choice, but I can't say that I'm not a little bummed out that you're not going to keep on keeping on.

    Although - cripes, I didn't realize that you'd become THAT big. Nice work! I think it is mostly the spandex.

  5. Damn, you are a stud. Nice job Colin. Way to set a goal, stick to it, and see some amazing results.