Sunday, May 9, 2010

Video Giveaway

Since several other running bloggers have been gracious enough to host giveaways, so I felt compelled to jump in and offer one of my own. I have an extra DVD copy of Running The Sahara:

Next Saturday, I'll be running my first marathon. To win the DVD, be the closest guess to my finishing time. As much as I love my friends outside the U.S., I'm only going to offer to ship the DVD in the States, due to postage costs.
Many of you probably have an idea of how my training has gone, but I'll briefly summarize:

  • I've averaged 41 miles/week during my 16-week marathon training cycle, with a high of 52 miles.
  • I've run longs runs of 18, 20, 22, 22 and 16 miles.
  • I've done a reasonable amount of hill training, tempo runs and progression runs, but very minimal speedwork.
  • I ran a 1:41 half marathon earlier this year, and have run the last half of recent long runs at 7:40-7:45, after going out at 8:45's or so (the hopeful plan for my marathon).
  • If you had to pin me down on a guess, I'd say around 3:40, but it could be anywhere from a 3:30 (if everything goes perfectly) to 4:00 (or more) if the wheels fall off.
  • The course is point-to-point, with some gentle rollers, but mostly flat.
That's about it! Post your guesses if you're interested. Thanks & good luck!


  1. Ohhhhhhh, cool tie in to the movie. I rented this on iTunes and REALLY wish that I would have spent the extra 6 bucks to just buy it.

    Sooooo, based on your training and history and excellent taper fueling.... I'm going to guess on the faster end of your likely range:


    You'll do great.

  2. I am in!! My guess is 3:33:30 and I am sticking to it:)

  3. PS - I won't be offended by any guesses. If you think I'll run a 4:05, write it in! I hope that doesn't happen, but anything could happen out there!

  4. I am in as well - I will say 3:42:37

  5. Hmmm, first marathon, hot weather...I say 3:50:00 but secretly would really like to see you get the 3:30.

  6. I'll chime it at 3:36:10. And good luck!

  7. I'm guessing 3:40:30. I know you can hit your goal on this Marathon! Good luck to you!

  8. Good luck to you on your first marathon!

    My guess is...3:53:53!

  9. I know your dedication, so I am gonna say 3:34:26. Stay hydrated! Good Luck!

    Mike Minea

  10. Well, I'll guess 3:42:11. Good luck!

  11. I'll go with $1. Wait, that doesn't seem right.

    How about 3:38:15. Best wishes for a great race!